Noviomagus Revision Meshes

  • Rim small and Rim large mesh

The Noviomagus Revision Meshes are developed for the containment of bone grafts when performing impaction bone grafting to restore the anatomical shape and dimensions during hip revision surgery. These stainless steel sterile implants have an anatomical shape to ensure proper fitting to the acetabulum or proximal femur. Although these implants are designed to fit the general human anatomy, they are easily adjusted to fit the individual patient.  Their main advantages are:

  • Anatomical shape to fit the general human anatomy
  • Trimming slots on strategic positions facilitate a patient specific fit
  • Designed to resist deformation in high pressure impaction procedures
Additional information

Anatomical shape

The Noviomagus Revision Meshes are anatomically shaped to easily fit the acetabulum and proximal femur. All meshes can be bent and cut down to any appropriate size during surgery. The optimized design improves bone graft containment and reduces surgery time. Two sizes of Medial Wall mesh cover defects in the acetabular wall. For defects on the acetabular rim, a small and a large revision mesh are available to restore bone loss. The Proximal Femur mesh is designed to fit the medial proximal part of the femur. An Universal Flat Mesh is available for other indications that need a custom solution.

Trimming slots on strategic positions

The meshes have fixation holes for 3.5 mm surgical screws at any desired position for rigid fixation. The design of the meshes facilitates patient specific trimming with strategically positioned cutting slots. These slots reduce the chance of soft tissue damage, as well as damage to surgical gloves. The Proximal Femur and the Universal Flat meshes have loops that can be elevated for cable fixation.

Thickness suitable for impaction

During impaction of the bone graft, high amounts of force are exercised on the revision mesh. The thickness of the Noviomagus Revision Meshes is optimal, so there is minimal change in the shape of the meshes. Furthermore, the acetabular rim meshes have a rigid design to resist deformation during impaction procedures.

Product details

The Noviomagus Revision Meshes are developed and manufactured by Spierings Orthopaedics BV, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The Noviomagus Revision series consist of the following items:

Article Article number
Medial Wall Mesh Small NRM-0906-MWS
Medial Wall Mesh Large NRM-1503-MWL
Rim Small Mesh NRM-0906-RS
Rim Large Mesh NRM-0906-RL
Universal Flat Mesh NRM-0906-UF
Proximal Femur Mesh NRM-0906-PF


All Noviomagus Revision Meshes are delivered sterile. Unsterile demo meshes are available on request. When you are interested in range of Noviomagus Revision Meshes, please contact our account managers or distributors via our contact form. They are available to answer any question you might have. In case you are looking for equipment for tissue processing, please visit


Revision meshes


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