Noviomagus Bone Harvesting System

  • Extremely sharp drills minimal invasive autologous bone harvesting

Harvesting autologous bone material from a patient can be an additional hurdle in already complex surgery. It can lead to donor site morbidity and often patients complain about pain from the harvest location. The Noviomagus Bone Harvesting System is designed for a minimal invasive approach to autologous bone harvesting. This system makes it easy for a surgeon to harvest the bone material while reducing patient discomfort and donor site morbidity. The hollow drills of the Noviomagus Bone Harvesting system are hardened, which makes them durable for a large number of surgeries. The ratchet T-handle makes the harvesting process easy and efficient. All items can be fully sterilized after use; no disposable items are required.

The Noviomagus Bone Harvesting System is designed for harvesting autologous bone. The design has the following advantages:

  • Minimal patient discomfort
  • Four drills for different amount of grafts
  • Fast and efficient procedure
  • Fully reusable instrument
Additional information

Minimal invasive approach

Autologous bone material is considered the golden standard for use in procedures such as interbody spinal fusion or arthrodesis. The Noviomagus Bone Harvesting System allows for efficient harvesting of autologous bone through a small incision, which helps to minimize the patient’s discomfort and donor site morbidity.

Four drills for different amount of grafts

Harvest the amount of bone material needed by using one of the four different Bone Harvesting Drills. The bone will be collected inside the drill during harvesting. When sufficient bone has been gathered, the Bone Graft Push Rod can be used to retrieve the bone from the drill. The smallest drill collects approximately 0.7 cc of bone material, the largest one can hold up to 2.8 cc of autologous bone graft.

Fast and efficient

The Noviomagus Bone Harvesting System is easy to assemble as it only comprises a few parts: a Ratchet T-handle, a Bone Graft Push Rod and Drills in four sizes. The four drills have the standard AO-coupling. With the ratchet T-handle it takes little effort to harvest bone graft, so bone is harvested in a matter of seconds.

Product details

The Noviomagus Bone Harvesting System is developed and manufactured by Spierings Orthopaedics BV, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.  The system consists of the following parts, which can be ordered individually:

Article Article Number
Bone Harvesting Drill AO Ø6 BHS-1205-01
Bone Harvesting Drill AO Ø8 BHS-1205-02
Bone Harvesting Drill AO Ø10 BHS-1205-03
Bone Harvesting Drill AO Ø12 BHS-1205-04
Ratchet T-Handle AO-coupling BHS-1205-05
Bone Graft Push Rod BHS-1205-06
Sterilization Tray BHS BHS-1205-07


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Noviomagus Bone Harvesting System

The tip of the drill is extremely sharp and has the possibility of breaking. We advise to check the drills after each time they have been used. The warranty of the parts is one year.

The system comes with four drills, which harvest the following amounts:

Ø 6 mm  –  0.7 cc
Ø 8 mm  –  1.3 cc
Ø 10 mm – 2.0 cc
Ø 12 mm – 2.8 cc


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