What is the particle size?

We have done in house testing in the past, and the mean sizes are as follows:

Cross section Mean length
Milling Drum Extra Coarse 8 x 8 mm 10 – 15 mm
Milling Drum Coarse 5 x 5 mm  8 – 10 mm
Milling Drum Fine 3 x 3 mm  5 – 8 mm
Milling Drum Extra Fine 2 x 2 mm  3 – 5 mm
Milling Drum Extra Extra Fine 1 x 1 mm  1 – 3 mm
Milling Drum Extra Extra Extra Fine 0.5 x 0.5 mm 0.5 – 1 mm

The particle sizes of the chips are not constant, as they are dependent, amongst others, on the bone quality and geometry. The cross section of the particles cut from solid bone (so not on the edges of a femoral head) is about the same as the cross section of the teeth of the milling drum. Particles that are cut off the edge of the bone have different shapes. The combination renders a mixture of different particle sizes and shapes, which would be what is desired for impaction bone grafting.

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