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The Noviomagus Mini Mill is designed and developed to mill small pieces of cortico-cancellous bone material. It is unique because of its superior design and manufacturing. The Noviomagus Mini Mill is fully autoclavable without any disposable parts. It consists of only a few parts for easy assembly during surgery. The housing of the Noviomagus Mini Mill is made of a casted stainless steel alloy, which makes it an extremely solid device. There is no risk for abrasion. The milling drums are made of a hardened stainless steel alloy, ensuring a long lasting instrument with a standard warranty of two years. The Noviomagus Mini Mill has been used since 2010, without a need for replacement or repairs. The main advantages of the Noviomagus Mini Mill are:

  • Long life span without wear or need for repairs
  • Milling takes several seconds
  • Easy to handle and can be fixated with a table clamp
  • Three sizes of milling drums for different sizes of bone chips
Additional information

Long life span

The Noviomagus Mini Mill is a solid instrument without risk of abrasion. The milling drums are hardened; even when used frequently, the drums will not show any signs of wear. This combination guarantees a high quality graft without metal contamination and a durable instrument without any need for maintenance. The warranty period for hospital use is three years. For regular use in a hospital there is no need for service or repair during the first three, and probably many more, years.

Milling takes several seconds

The milling of small bone pieces takes several seconds. The stable housing and handle ensure that it is possible to mill bone pieces quickly. The small bone chips can be used instantaneously during surgery.

Easy to handle

The Noviomagus Mini Mill is a solid instrument and does not require a lot of strength to use. If there is a need for more stability, it is possible to fixate the Noviomagus Mini Mill to the table with a clamp. The reusable Mini Funnel is makes it possible to mill larger quantities of bone at a time.

Three sizes of milling drums

For the Noviomagus Mini Mill, three different milling drums with a unique patented technology are available. The Extra Fine and the Extra Extra Fine milling drums are designed to produce small bone chips for spinal and trauma surgery. The Extra Extra Fine and Extra Extra Extra Fine milling drums are designed to produce very small bone chips for cranio-facial and dental surgery.

Product details

The Noviomagus Mini Mill is developed and manufactured by Spierings Orthopaedics BV, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The Noviomagus Mini Mill consists of the following parts, which can be ordered individually:

Standard Operating Kit Noviomagus Mini Mill


Article number

Mini Housing SBM-1002-29
Mini Push Block SBM-1002-30
Mini Handle SBM-1002-31
Mini Screw Nut SBM-1002-32
Sterilization Tray Mini Mill SBM-1002-36
Clamp Noviomagus Mini Mill SBM-1012-37

The Noviomagus Mini Mill has three different milling drums available for different types of indications. Below is an overview of the available drums with their indication and bone graft size.

Milling Drum Article Number Indication Cross Section Mean Length
Mini Milling Drum Extra Fine SBM-1002-34 Spinal Surgery 2 x 2 mm 3 – 5 mm
Mini Milling Drum Extra Extra Fine SBM-1002-35 Plastic Surgery 1 x 1 mm 1 – 3 mm
Mini Milling Drum Extra Extra Extra Fine SBM-1002-33 Dental Surgery 0.5 x 0.5 mm 0.5 – 1 mm
Mini Funnel SBM-1407-67

If you are interested in ordering a Noviomagus Mini Mill, please contact our account managers or distributors via our contact form. They will gladly advise you on the drum selection and answer any remaining questions you might have. In case you are looking for equipment for tissue processing, please visit


Noviomagus Mini Mill

We offer a five year warranty on all parts, including the milling drums’ teeth, for regular hospital use. For bone bank or other intensive applications we offer two years warranty.

We have customers throughout the world that have been using the Noviomagus Bone Mill for many years. Amongst them we can mention the University Medical Centre of Nijmegen (the Netherlands), the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital (UK), Helios Endo Clinic (Germany), Royal Adelaide Hospital (Australia) and many other hospitals.

The Noviomagus Mini Mill has been tested in the spinal department of the Southampton University Hospital in 2011. After reviewing the current spinal mills which are commercially available, the Noviomagus proved to be the best.
With regards to the material, this bone mill has no aluminium housing, and no metal sheet milling drums. All parts are made of solid material that is made extremely wear resistant. The bone is cut rather than scraped off. The relation between milling drum and handle size, and the spirally positioned teeth, makes it possible to use the mill smoothly.

We have done in house testing in the past, and the mean size resulting from these tests are:

Cross section Mean length
Milling Drum Extra Fine 2 x 2 mm 3 – 5 mm
Milling Drum Extra Extra Fine 1 x 1 mm 1 – 3 mm
Milling Drum Extra Extra Extra Fine 0.5 x 0.5 mm 0.5 – 1 mm


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