Noviomagus Impactor Set

  • Noviomagus Impactor Handle with Impactor Head for acetabular bone grafting procedures

Impaction bone grafting is used to repair bone defects and restore the natural bone bed in hip and knee revision surgery. The acetabular impactors are designed to reconstruct the anatomical shape of the acetabulum. To reconstruct the anatomy of the hip, bone graft is placed in the acetabulum up to the height of the transverse ligament (restoration of acetabular form). The impacted graft layer must be at least five millimetres thick. For impaction near the rim the small impactors are used in combination with the large impactor. In this way the entire acetabular hemisphere is finally covered with a layer of impacted allograft chips.

The Noviomagus Impactor Set is designed to be used for the impaction of bone chips during bone impaction grafting procedures in hip revision surgery. Its main advantages are:

  • Strategically positioned holes for fluid pressure release
  • Impactor handle suitable for various surgical approaches
  • Facilitate rebuilding the acetabulum with layers of bone graft
  • Anatomical shape of impactor heads
Additional information

Rebuilding the acetabulum with layers of bone graft

For impaction bone grafting in the acetabulum, it is necessary to rebuild it with layers of bone grafts. The Noviomagus Impactor Set consists of various sizes of impactor heads to accommodate the layer based reconstruction. The available impactor heads range from ø 42 mm to ø 58 mm, with four mm increments. The individual impactor heads fits on the ergonomically designed impactor handle.

Anatomical shape of the impactor heads

The impactor heads of the Noviomagus Impactor Head resembles the anatomical shape of the acetabulum. The  design of the impactor heads ensures the natural acetabular form will be restored.

Strategically positioned holes for fluid pressure release

The fluid holes make sure that the impaction force is transferred to the bone chips instead of the fluid film in the acetabulum, creating a dense bone bed by releasing fluids through the strategically positioned holes.

Handle suitable for different approaches

The handle of the impactor set is designed to make it easy to impact the bone grafts irrespective of patient positioning. Its curved design allows various surgical approaches while maintaining a proper direction of force to the bone graft material.

Product details

The Noviomagus Impactor Set has been developed and manufactured by Spierings Orthopaedics BV, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The Noviomagus Impactor Set consists of the following items:


Article number

Sterilization Tray Noviomagus BIG instrumentation NRM-1108-02
Impactor Handle NRM-1108-01
Impactor Head ø 42 NRM-1108-42
Impactor Head ø 46 NRM-1108-46
Impactor Head ø 50 NRM-1108-50
Impactor Head ø 54 NRM-1108-54
Impactor Head ø 58 NRM-1108-58
Sleeve for Screwdriver 33-295-50
Serrated Pliers 33-221-01M
Drill Bit 2 mm 33-150-20
Depth Gauge Mini 45 mm 33-700-00
Hexagonal Screwdriver 33-282-35
Plate Scissors 05-990-15

The impactor set consists of all instruments needed to shape the Noviomagus Revision Meshes by cutting or bending, inserting the bone screws and impacting the bone grafts. The Noviomagus Impactor Set is used in hospitals which perform impaction bone grafting procedures such as the Sheffield Teaching Hospital (United Kingdom), Leeds Teaching Hospitals (United Kingdom), St. Antonius Hospital (The Netherlands) and Leeuwarden Medical Center (The Netherlands).

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