Noviomagus Femoral Head Reamer Set

The Noviomagus Femoral Head Reamer Set has been developed to fixate bone parts, remove cartilage and sclerotic bone from the femoral head in a safe, easy and efficient way. Literature suggests that cartilage does not osseointegrate and thus removal is necessary. The inverted reamers are designed to fit standard power tools. The bone vice can easily be assembled and disassembled which is ideal for cleaning and sterilization and it has a low centre of gravity, making it a stable device. When using the inverted reamers in combination with a power tool, the splash shield prevents the spread of the removed tissue. The slot in the bone vice makes it easy to cut the bone or split a femoral head in two halves, so it can instantaneously be milled in the Noviomagus Bone Mill.

  • Strong and solid fixation of bone material
  • Tissue removal in less than 30 seconds
  • Less risk in personal harm or glove tears
  • Long lifespan without wear
  • Preparation for high quality bone chips


Additional information

Strong and solid fixation of bone material

The bone vice firmly holds the bone material, which diminishes the risk of miscutting or dropping the bone. The bone is held tightly by two fixed clamps on the bone vice and the detachable clamp. A slot in the bone vice makes it possible to cut or split the bone without damaging the vice. When a femoral head is used, half of a femoral head fits in the funnel of the Noviomagus Bone Mill.

Reaming takes less than 30 seconds

By using the inverted reamers, the cartilage and sclerotic bone can easily be removed from the femoral head. Removing cartilage and sclerotic bone with this device is much more efficient and saves time compared to manual removal. By attaching the inverted reamers to a power tool, it takes less than 30 seconds. The inverted reamers are equipped with an AO or Zimmer-Stryker-Hall coupling. With the wide range of reamers sizes, all sizes of femoral heads can easily be reamed.

Less risk of personal harm or glove tears

Manual removal with a scalpel or grater whilst holding bone material in your hand is a potential hazard during surgery. There is a risk of dropping the bone material or cutting through the gloves. By fixating the material in the bone vice and using the inverted reamers, this potential hazard is eliminated.

Long life span without wear

The Noviomagus inverted reamers are made of a hardened stainless steel alloy and therefore guarantee a long life span without wear. We offer a standard two years warranty on all items of the Noviomagus Femoral Head Reamer Set. This warranty is not limited: it includes the specially hardened inverted reamers as well as the bone vice.

Highest quality bone chips

The Noviomagus Femoral Head Reamer Set has been developed to remove cartilage and sclerotic bone from the femoral head before milling it with the Noviomagus Bone Mill. Research has shown that cartilage and sclerotic bone parts do not osseointegrate with the host bone, This can negatively influence the stability of an implant¹. To reconstruct a stable bone bed it is necessary to remove the cartilage and sclerotic bone.

Product details

The Noviomagus Femoral Head Reamer Set is developed and manufactured by Spierings Orthopaedics BV, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The Noviomagus Femoral Head Reamer Set consists of the following parts:

Standard Operating Kit Noviomagus Femoral Head Reamer Set


Article Number

Sterilisation Tray (NFHRS) SBM-1109-45
Base Plate SBM-1109-14
Detachable Clamp SBM-0503-15
T-Handle AO-coupling T23-116-AO-G-S01
Screw Handle SBM-0503-16
Splash Shield SBM-1109-17
At least one Inverted Reamer selected below SBM-XXXX-XX

The Inverted Reamers for the Noviomagus Femoral Head Reamer Set are available with a standard AO-Coupling as well as the Zimmer-Stryker-Jacobs Hall-Coupling. The sterilization tray can hold up to 10 inverted reamers.

Inverted Reamers with AO Coupling

Inverted Reamers with Z-S-J Coupling

Article Article Number Article Article Number
Inverted Reamer AO ø40 SBM-1303-62
Inverted Reamer AO ø42 SBM-0503-18 Inverted Reamer Z-S-J Hall ø42 SBM-1207-50
Inverted Reamer AO ø44 SBM-0904-21 Inverted Reamer Z-S-J Hall ø44 SBM-1207-51
Inverted Reamer AO ø46 SBM-0904-22 Inverted Reamer Z-S-J Hall ø46 SBM-1207-52
Inverted Reamer AO ø48 SBM-0503-19 Inverted Reamer Z-S-J Hall ø48 SBM-1207-53
Inverted Reamer AO ø50 SBM-0904-23 Inverted Reamer Z-S-J Hall ø50 SBM-1207-54
Inverted Reamer AO ø52 SBM-0904-24 Inverted Reamer Z-S-J Hall ø52 SBM-1207-55
Inverted Reamer AO ø54 SBM-0503-20 Inverted Reamer Z-S-J Hall ø54 SBM-1207-56
Inverted Reamer AO ø56 SBM-0904-25 Inverted Reamer Z-S-J Hall ø56 SBM-1207-57
Inverted Reamer AO ø58 SBM-0904-26 Inverted Reamer Z-S-J Hall ø58 SBM-1207-58

Our account managers and distributors are available to advise the best solution and reamer selection based on your specific needs. Feel free to reach out to us using the form on the contact page of our website. In case you are looking for equipment for tissue processing, please visit


Noviomagus Femoral Head Reamer Set

We have customers throughout the world that have been using the Noviomagus Bone Mill for many years. Amongst them we can mention the University Medical Centre of Nijmegen (the Netherlands), the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital (UK), Helios Endo Clinic (Germany), Royal Adelaide Hospital (Australia) and many other hospitals.

The base plate can be used for the fixation of different types of bone material. The inverted reamers can be used for round bones, such as femoral heads.

The warranty will be valid for a period of two years for regular hospital use from date of purchase. For other applications, e.g. bonebanks, the warranty is valid for one year from date of purchase.


Article by Van der Donk, S., Buma, P., Slooff, T.J.J.H., Gardeniers J. W. M. and Scheurs, B. W. (2002). Clinical evaluation of the Noviomagus Femoral Head Reamer Set. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, 396, 131-141.


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