Noviomagus Cup Resector

The Noviomagus Cup Resector is designed to remove uncemented acetabular cups in a safe and effective way. The resector minimizes acetabular bone loss at the bone-prosthesis interface during cup removal. The Noviomagus Cup Resector comprises a shaft, wrench, head, bolt and a blade. The Instrument is made of high quality stainless steel which makes it an extremely durable device.

  • Minimal acetabular bone loss.
  • Controlled cup removal.
  • Reusable, hardened stainless steel blades.
  • Wrench with a robust grip, which can be placed in six different positions.
  • Eight sizes of starter and finisher blades, ranging from 46 to 60 mm with 2 mm increments.
  • Four sizes of centering heads: ø26 mm, ø28 mm, ø32 mm and ø36 mm.
Additional information

Reusable Hardened Blades

The Noviomagus Cup Resector has eight different sizes op blades, ranging from 46 mm to 60 mm, with 2 mm increments. The blade size corresponds with the outside cup diameter. Each size has a starter and a finisher blade for cutting the bone-prosthesis interface in two stages. The blades are reusabe, easily interchangeable and made of hardened stainless steel.

Modular Design

The instrument has a modular design. During assembly a modular head, a modular blade and a wrench can be mounted on the shaft. The set comes with four heads of different size, for centering the instrument inside the cup. The heads are sized: ø26 mm, ø28 mm, ø32 mm and ø36 mm, which corresponds with the inside cup diameter.Once the inside and outside diameter of the cup has been determined, two instruments can be assembled. One shaft for the starter blade and one for the finisher blade. This eliminates the need for intra-operative blade change, saving valuable surgery time.

The shaft of the Noviomagus Cup Resector is designed to transfer the impaction force to the cutting edge of the blade instead of the centering head. This reduces the force needed for cutting the bone-prosthesis interface. The set comes with a detachable wrench which can be placed in six different positions. This enables the surgeon to place the wrench in the correct position for optimal torque application.

Product details

The Noviomagus Cup Resector is developed and manufactured by Spierings Orthopaedics BV, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The standard operating kit of the Noviomagus Cup Resector consists of the following parts:

Noviomagus Cup Resector
Article Article Number
Shaft NCR-1901-01
Wrench NCR-1707-02
Bolt NCR-1707-04
Hex Key NCR-1707-05
Sterilization Tray ø26-ø36 NCR-1707-06
Head ø26 mm NCR-1901-26
Head ø28 mm NCR-1901-28
Head ø32 mm NCR-1901-32
Head ø36 mm NCR-1901-36
Blade 46 Starter NCR-1707-46S
Blade 46 Finisher NCR-1707-46F
Blade 48 Starter NCR-1707-48S
Blade 48 Finisher NCR-1707-48F
Blade 50 Starter NCR-1707-50S
Blade 50 Finisher NCR-1707-50F
Blade 52 Starter NCR-1707-52S
Blade 52 Finisher NCR-1707-52F
Blade 54 Starter NCR-1707-54S
Blade 54 Finisher NCR-1707-54F
Blade 56 Starter NCR-1707-56S
Blade 56 Finisher NCR-1707-56F
Blade 58 Starter NCR-1707-58S
Blade 58 Finisher NCR-1707-58F
Blade 60 Starter NCR-1707-60S
Blade 60 Finisher NCR-1707-60F

There is also an additional set available, which contains larger heads and blades. The Noviomagus Resurfacing Cup Resector consists of the following parts:

Noviomagus Resurfacing Cup Resector
Article Article Number
Sterilization Tray ø38-ø60 NCR-1901-07
Head ø38 mm NCR-1901-38
Head ø40 mm NCR-1901-40
Head ø42 mm NCR-1901-42
Head ø44 mm NCR-1901-44
Head ø46 mm NCR-1901-46
Head ø48 mm NCR-1901-48
Head ø50 mm NCR-1901-50
Head ø52 mm NCR-1901-52
Head ø54 mm NCR-1707-54
Head ø56 mm NCR-1707-56
Head ø58 mm NCR-1707-58
Head ø60 mm NCR-1707-60
Blade 62 Starter NCR-1707-62S
Blade 62 Finisher NCR-1707-62F
Blade 64 Starter NCR-1707-64S
Blade 64 Finisher NCR-1707-64F
Blade 66 Starter NCR-1707-66S
Blade 66 Finisher NCR-1707-66F
Blade 68 Starter NCR-1707-68S
Blade 68 Finisher NCR-1707-68F

When ordering the Noviomagus Cup Resector, please note that the sterilization tray holds 2 blades of each size (spare blade). Our account managers and distributors are available to provide additional information and answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to contact them, using the form on the contact page of our website. In case you are looking for equipment for tissue processing, please visit



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