Noviomagus Micro Mill

  • Micro Mill in sterilization tray

The Noviomagus Micro Mill is developed for milling small quantities of cortico-cancellous bone that can be used for various surgical applications  where very small bone grafts are needed. The compact, handheld design accommodates easy and efficient milling of small bone pieces into usable bone grafts. Little effort is required to produce optimal bone grafts for surgical procedures.

The Noviomagus Micro Mill is unique because of its superior design and manufacturing. It consists of a few parts that can all be sterilized. The housing of the Noviomagus Micro Mill is made of a casted stainless steel alloy, which makes it an extremely solid device. There is no risk for abrasion. The micro milling drums are made of a hardened stainless steel alloy, designed for long lasting use.

The Noviomagus Micro Mill is developed for the milling of small pieces of cortico-cancellous bone. The main advantages are:

  • Long life span without wear or need for repairs
  • Milling takes several seconds
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Two sizes of milling drums for different sizes of bone chips
Additional information

Long life span

The Noviomagus Micro Mill is a very solid instrument without the risk of abrasion. In addition, the milling drums are hardened. Even when used frequently, the drums will not show any signs of wear. This combination guarantees a high quality graft without metal contamination and a durable instrument without any need for maintenance. The warranty period is two years. For regular use in a hospital there is no need for service or repair during the first two, and probably many more, years.

Milling takes several seconds

The milling of small bone pieces takes several seconds. The handle is easy to use and enables the bone pieces to quickly be milled into small bone chips that can be used instantaneously during surgery. Milled bone material is collected in a  chip cup to prevent waste.

Easy to handle

The Noviomagus Micro Mill is a solid instrument and does not require a lot of strength to use. It is a small hand held instrument with an ergonomic design. The mill, with its limited amount of components, can be assembled and disassembled within 20 seconds.

Two sizes of milling drums

The Extra Extra Fine and Extra Extra Extra Fine micro milling drums are designed to produce very small bone chips for spinal, maxilo-facial and dental surgery.

Product details

The Noviomagus Micro Mill is developed and manufactured by Spierings Orthopaedics BV, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The Noviomagus Micro Mill consists of the following parts, which can be ordered individually:

Article Article number
Noviomagus Micro Mill
     Micro Housing SBM-1011-38
     Micro Push Block SBM-1011-39
     Micro Handle SBM-1011-40
     Micro Chip Cup SBM-1011-63
     Micro Wrench SBM-1011-66
Micro Milling Drum Extra Extra Fine SBM-1011-65
Micro Milling Drum Extra Extra Extra Fine SBM-1011-42
Sterilization Tray NCM SBM-1011-60

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Noviomagus Micro Mill

The University Hospital of Leuven (Belgium) and Odense University (Denmark) are using the Noviomagus Micro Mill and are very happy with the use and partical grading.

With regards to the material, this bone mill has no aluminium housing, and no metal sheet milling drums. All parts are made of solid material that is made extremely wear resistant. The bone is cut rather than scraped off. The relation between milling drum and handle size, and the spirally positioned teeth, makes it possible to use the mill smoothly.


The University Hospital of Leuven (Belgium) and Odense University (Denmark) are using the Noviomagus Micro Mill.


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