EPM Mueller Extractor Set

  • EPM Mueller Extractor Set

The EPM Mueller® Extractor is a valuable instrument for efficient extraction of various orthopaedic implants in revision arthroplasty and trauma surgery. The modular design allows for the use of different attachments thus offering a universal extraction method for a wide range of orthopaedic and trauma surgeries.

Additional information

Safe and efficient stem removal

There are a number of challenges during revision arthroplasty and trauma surgery. Even if the implant is loose and micro motion is possible, it is still partly fixated. The EPM Mueller® Extractor facilitates the loosening of the implant for safe removal and minimizing the risk of fractures.

Most extraction devices direct the force in undesired planes. A Finite Element Analysis (FEM) of the EPM Mueller® Extractor has shown that the entire extraction force is transmitted only along the centre axis of the stem, eliminating lateral forces and therefore minimizing the risk of bone fractures.

Modular Design

The modular design of the EPM Mueller® Extractor makes the system useful for removal of a wide range of hip and knee prosthesis as well as trauma implants.

The EPM Mueller® Extractor system has two different attachments for removing femoral components during hip revision arthroplasty. These two attachments fit a wide range of stems with or without fixed heads and can therefore be used universally. The system can also be fitted with spreading or clamping jaws for removing acetabular components such as screw cups. The same spreading or clamping jaws can also be used for removing femoral or tibial components during knee revision arthroplasty.

The system also has an application in trauma surgery. An M6 thread maker facilitates the extraction of broken stems, drills and screws. Furthermore the EPM Mueller® Extractor system contains a pin and sling attachment for custom extraction solutions. A special connector will also allow for pneumatic handling.

Advanced Benefits

  • One modular system for a wide range of revision arthroplasty and trauma surgeries.
  • Transfers the force along the centre axis of the implant, minimizing the risk of cortical bone fractures.
  • Fully autoclavable without disposable items.

Product details

The EPM Mueller Extractor Set is distributed by Spierings Orthopaedics BV, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The EPM Mueller Extractor Set can be composed from the following parts and accessoiries:

Article Article Number
EPM Mueller® Stem Extractor Set AU2-S2 1001.7.AUS2
EPM Mueller® Pneumatic Shaft PN2 1001.8.PNAUS2
EPM Mueller® Modular Stem Extractor MO1 1001.15.MD
EPM Mueller® Knee Shaft Extractor KN2 1001.15.KN2
EPM Mueller® Hemispherical, Screwcup Extractor C2 1001.15.C2
EPM Mueller® Stem Extractor M6 Attachment 1001.15.M6
EPM Mueller® M6 Threadmaker Set TM 1001.15.TM
EPM Mueller® Ruined Screw Remover SR 1001.15.SR
EPM Mueller® Pin and Sling-Extractor PS2 1001.15.PS2
EPM Mueller® Quick-Adaptor with osteotome set 1001.15.2QHCO

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